Combining  his  show business  background,  and his expertise in the marketing and selling of new homes, the late 1990s saw Mitch Markowitz involved with Intercom Canada. A consortium consisting of Bell Canada, Nortel, IBM and Apple Canada with the lofty goal of creating, marketing and selling a completely interactive new home community, Stonehaven West in Newmarket Ontario.  Stonehaven West was to be the first completely interactive new home community in the world offering such a vast array of services and partners not to mention this degree of broadband connectivity.  This 'experimental wired community' was initially conceived by a group from York University's  Cul Tech Research Centre and headed up by Paul Hoffert (one of the founding members of Canada's 70s superstar rock group Lighthouse).  The concept was, every one of the 129 new homes in this 'wired' community would eventually be completely interactive with each other as well as numerous other schools, libraries, government agencies and services. The only other experimental wired community of this type in North America at the time was in a gated community adjacent to the Disney Corporation's Disney World restricted to residents aged 55 and over called Celebration. This trial community did not compare in size or broadband technology to Canada's  Stonehaven West project.

In order to ensure Intercom Ontario's success, Cultech was able to convince many competing corporations and organizations to work together with Cultech providing services and technologies. Says Hoffert, "We have over seventy organizations  involved in our not-for-profit consortium. They range from broadcasters like the CBC, CITY-TV, TVOntario to advertising agencies to Canada Trust [and] Bayshore Trust financial institutions; Canada Post, OntarioHydro; all the copyright collectives, the actor's association, ACTRA, the Canadian Record Industries Association; SOCAN, the musical rights association. Bell Canada is a key member as well as is Apple Computer and Silicon Graphics and IBM. In Ontario, we are doing the most comprehensive trial of delivering  true broadband products similar to those happening anywhere in the world. We've really got a lot of competitors working together to try to find away, on a  very small scale, to figure out a way to get this whole thing to work." These  participants planed  to spend a total of $111 million between the two interactive community experiments at York University and Stonehaven West.