In the mid sixties, Mitch was involved in the emerging 'Hippy' movement publishing 'The' subculture magazine back where he started, in Toronto's Yorkville Village. The publication (Funk Magazine) featured  satirical humour, editorial content,  political content, where to go for food and entertainment information, musical reviews and relevant news of the day. The 'Village' as Toronto's Yorkville/Cumberland/Annex area was known at the time, was very introspective, in essence a community unto itself. This magazine covered the comings and goings of  most of the clubs, restaurants and lounges in and around the area including the Yonge Street strip featuring who was appearing where.

 Most of the clubs in the Village and downtown area advertised in the book and most of the bands that came out of the Toronto music scene of the day were promoted on the pages of Funk Magazine. The Rogues, Neil Young, The Mynah Birds, The Paupers, David Clayton Thomas, Jack London & The Sparrow, The Ugly Ducklings, Kensington Market, Luke and The Apostles, The Just Us,  McKenna Mendelson Mainline, Steppenwolf, John & Lee & The Checkmates, Grant Smith & The Power etc. etc.


This publication served as an introduction into the music scene whereby he met amongst others, five young men in a band known as, The Rogues.  

 Mitch became involved with the band and soon found himself managing The Rogues who played a large part in originating what the media referred to as, 'The Toronto Sound'.  One of the  many hi-lights of the Rogues career was acting as the back-up/support band in1965 for future, Canada's Walk of Fame inductee, David Clayton Thomas pre his blossoming into super stardom after joining New York city based Blood, Sweat and Tears.

 The band opened for the Rolling Stones in Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens in 1966 going on to work with the who's who of rock & roll royalty. 

Managed and directed by, Team Markowitz, The Rogues evolved into the Five Rogues then, The Mandala and finally Bush. 

  In late November  of 1966,  the group made a brief exploratory trip to Los Angeles performing for four nights at the Whiskey A Go Go.  

While there, the band played three weekends at  The Hullaballoo  club where they  and their 'Soul Crusade', striped suits, self contained lighting system including strobes, attracted 1400 fans by word of mouth and then returning to their 'home base' Toronto. 

  After gigging extensively in the Toronto area throughout the early part of 1967, Mandala travelled to New York in early March for an extended engagement at  the illustrious Steve  Paul's, The Scene. On their arrival back in Toronto their newly released single, "Opportunity" swiftly climbed up Toronto's CHUM CHART, peaking at #3 on February 20, 1967 followed by a second hit single, Love-Itis.  


The US market soon beckoned again and these 'world class' musicians went on to  share  concert bill's with Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels, Wilson Picket, Jan & Dean, The Cream, The Who, Steppenwolf, Three Dog Night and the list goes on. This band had set the pace in the Canadian music industry at the time by being one of Canada's first home grown 'A circuit'  show-bands to 'turn heads' and meet with success after success in both New York and Hollywood. There had been other Canadian Rock & Roll bands finding success in Canada  and south of the border but this was the first 'blue eyed soul' act from Toronto to score international acclaim.   

Following the bands dissolution  in the late 60s various members of the band went on to enjoy the  world wide fame they deserved joining, The James Gang, The Guess Who, James Brown, Parliament Funkadelik, Lou Reed and Alice Cooper. 


Mitch Markowitz also managed the careers of  Toronto  R&B group, Roy Kenner and The Associates and a Toronto based folk/rock band with a charted hit, Bobby Kris and The Imperials. 

When interviewed Mitch said,  quoting international record industry mogul, Clive Davis, " He was struck by a sense of awe when he came across a talent-whether new or seasoned-that can be nurtured and placed in the spotlight. Whether I was able to take the band (The Rogues) through to the point where they could break into the international big time and finally sew their 'just deserts'  in the world wide spotlight or not." 

The Rogues were legendary talents and there are musicians like Eric Clapton (Cream), Brian Wilson (The Beach Boys), Donald Fagan (Steely Dan) not to mention an untold number of fans across North America that almost 50 years later are still thinking  and talking about the talent and power of this band.

 "It's a wonderful. humbling feeling to think that I was involved in/responsible for moving them along/channeling the bands to bigger and better things" .