1972, 73 & 74 saw Mitch co-producing/road managing and Master of Ceremonies of a mime/magic travelling show called, The Shoe String Revue.  Produced for the Canadian federal government's, The Footwear Bureau of Canada, the show stared  2010 posthumous, Canada's Walk of Fame Award winner,  Doug Henning as the mime/magician shoemaker, Chou Chou and toured coast to coast across Canada promoting and extolling the benefits of purchasing footwear made in Canada. These free mime/ magic fashion shows  performed in major shopping centre's took the message directly to the shoppers and  brought smiles to the faces of thousands of children and adults alike from Halifax to Vancouver and every major city in between. The design and fabrication of some of Doug Henning's most famous illusions were financed by and for, this production.

Mr. Henning  gave the word 'wonder' a whole new meaning. Doug went on to produce and star in a long running Broadway show, a series of National  American TV specials and world wide fame  passing away in 2000 at the age of 52 having left  a trail of silver souvenir, Chou Chou The Magical Shoemaker coins in the hands of fans across Canada in the 70s.