Reminiscing about past accomplishments Mr. Markowitz once said,  "John Lennon was once quoted saying, In the end all we have is our memories".  

Albeit he has never been directly responsible for recording a million selling hit record or scoring a winning goal in an NHL game, Mitch Markowitz was directly  responsible for leaving fond memories in the minds and hearts of hundreds of thousands across Canada of watching their first kids TV program The Hilarious House of Frightenstein, listening to, watching and/or dancing to the music of Toronto's and some say Canada's,  best example of  a 'blue eyed soul' band, The Rogues and their various incarnations. Their first and perhaps only, lifetime experience watching a live mime performance and/or a world class magician performing illusions that would both go on to international acclaim  not to mention all the pseudo scary memories buried deep in the minds of Frightenstein fans.

 Shunning American offers over the years, Mitch Markowitz, a born and bred Canadian patriot, opted to stay close to his, "true native land" and family.